What does it mean to YOU to be a leader?

What does it mean to them to be a leader?

Gareth Richards – Ops Director – Salamander Pumps Have a clear goal and strategy – communicate that to the team. Everyone in the business needs to know exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Chris Balmer – Head of Ops – AR Power Spreading the passion and giving people a platform. Rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in as well. I wouldn’t ask someone to do something I wouldn’t.

Sam Reynolds – Engineering Manager - BHK Be that person people come to, for help and inspiration. Be the Manager that people trust to come to with problems instead of fearful they can't.

Richard Byatt – Engineering and CI Manager – Coveris UK The Difference between management and leadership – Management is organising things, it’s the practical side to controlling things. Leadership is the human element. Humans need leadership direction and to create a culture.

Andy Scott – Head of HR at Darchem Engineering A leader Is someone who develops and allows someone to grow. They don’t micromanage, they inspire enthusiasm, and celebrate success with them and the team.

Phil Atkinson – Managing Director – BTS Fabrications Think about what it actually means to YOU. He showed the importance of being a leader and what you have created. To take a step back and actually look at the positives! Passion!!

John Celino – Business Improvement Consultant using your experience to impart to other people. Be there for any questions. See people grow and use systems and support to do that.

Randal Smith - Managing Director - Veny Being the person at the top of the tree, but still being able to see what is going on around you. Being a leader gives you a large scope. Enjoy leading people and achieving as a team.

Craig Conway – Production & Logistics Director – Janus International Being the one that encourages staff and motivates them. Be the inspiring talent. A Good leader isn’t all for themselves, they try to push them to achieve and grow.

Dan Williams – Managing Director / CEO - Orean Make sure you encourage people to be themselves. You may not be the best talent. Create a safe space and room to grow and develop your staff.

Tom Russell – Operations Manager – TMD Friction Enabling people to reach their potential, when often they don’t always see It. You also don’t have to be ‘in a leadership position to do this. Anyone can lead and develop.

Andrew Mcnally – Senior Engineering Manager – Thomas Swan Have a vision and a strategy. Be clear about it, and what part your team plays in it. Let them see the bigger picture. As a leader, it’s your opportunity to help bring someone up and help people realise they are capable of more than they think they are.