Vicky Brockley - Feeling 'Safe' as a Leader

Join us for a captivating episode on the Manufacturing Leaders Podcast as we dive into the world of leadership with the incredible Vicky Brockley.

Episode: "Feeling Safe as a Leader"
Guest: Vicky Brockley

In this episode, we'll explore:

  • The essence of leadership
  • Key areas for leadership improvement
  • Common struggles in manufacturing leadership
  • Vicky's personal journey into manufacturing leadership
  • Cultivating self-confidence in leadership roles
  • Importance of breaks and exploration in career
  • Creating a secure environment in management
  • Strategies for stress-free and confident leadership
  • Identifying signs of stress in team members
  • The art of being present as a leader
  • Navigating the realm of Hybrid work
  • Reflecting on impactful managers
  • Drawing wisdom from Ted Lasso TV Season
  • Must-read books and top-tier podcasts
  • Advice for the younger self

Join us to gain valuable insights into self-assurance, stress management, and effective leadership practices. Tune in now on [Link to your podcast platform] and share your thoughts in the comments below! Let's rise together as #LeadersInManufacturing.