Sarah Black-Smith: General Manager, Siemens ‘Creating a culture with purpose’

Creating a culture with purpose’


Sarah Black-Smith is the General Manager of Siemens. Having worked for siemens since graduating in 2004 I was keen to understand the journey she has been on in the business.

This was a brilliant insight into exactly how one of the UK’s most established businesses operates. 

You will learn so much about the culture they have created, and exactly how you can utilise this in your own company.


Sarah shares her experiences and insights on how the role of a manager has changed over time and the expectations and challenges that come with new roles and industries. She also discusses the importance of setting a vision for the company, creating the right culture, and making a positive change in a business. Additionally, Sarah talks about her background, the motivations of women in managerial roles, the impact of a manager's background on strategy, and her biggest influences. She also provides advice on dealing with bad days and making career choices, and shares her thoughts on the changes in the manufacturing industry in recent years.


2 min - How the role of the manager has changed over time


5 min - Sarah’s background


10 min - Women in managerial roles & their motivation


16 min - The expectations and challenges when facing a new role/industry


19 min - On reflection and achieving milestones


21 min - Does strategy vary depending on the manager’s background?


23 min - Sarah’s biggest influences 


25 min - The culture in Siemens - leadership principles


30 min - Business mindset: Starting with the WHY 


32 min - Advice on making a positive change in a business


38 min - Career choices: Moving on or staying 


41 min - How important is setting a vision for the company?


42 min - How to deal with bad days?


44 min - Changes in the manufacturing industry in the last 2 years


49 min - Additional thoughts about creating the right culture in a company


51 min - Advice to your younger self: a manager's take