Ricki Zebik : Operations Director ‘If you want to improve the business, you must listen to the people’

Ricki Zebik is an Operations Director with vast experience in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.


He now earns a living improving manufacturing companies by utilising all the skills he has learnt.


This episode offers a real insight into exactly how companies improve by utilising the staff and ideas they already have.


Culture is probably the most important aspect of any business, and it has never been more important, than it is right now!


In this episode Ricki talks about how companies improve, and what they need to do turn it around.


Thank you Ricki for this insight!


I hope you enjoy the episode!


We discuss:-



1 Min – What does it mean to you, to be a leader?


6 min - Should the company clearly familiarise all staff with its goals, and what’s the best way to do it?


8 min - Valuing staff - recent change


11 min - Emotional intelligence in business


14 min - What challenges were there at the beginning?


15 min - Advice for more experienced managers (things to look out for)


20 min - How concerned should we be about the changing work ethic of the newer generations?


23 min - How to manage mindset when faced with a new role?


26 min - How nerve-racking is management today?


28 min - What are the key things to look at to improve a business?


30 min - What’s the first step to take to tackle any issues?


32 min - The value of feedback


36 min - How can you replicate the successful principles in other industries?


39 min - What 3 things make a good leader?


41 min - What makes a good manager?


42 min - How can we improve manufacturing?


46 min - What’s the most important consideration when introducing major changes?