Richard Swart: Managing Director, Berger Closures - ‘Do what is right, not what is popular’

Richard Swart The Managing Director of Berger Closures in Peterlee.



Richard has had a fascinating career in the industry which started out at the age of 26, coming to the UK with his Wife, as a journalist from South Africa, before getting involved in the Manufacturing sector and joining Berger Closures


He has been heavily involved in the networking scene for many years at board level and we discuss at length what benefit that has had on his career.


This is a real insight into UK manufacturing and the challenges it is currently facing. It’s a no holes barred discussion on politics, Brexit and the effects of covid has had on the industry.


Richard is a strong and fair leader, and we go deep into how he sees accountability and honesty as a key part of management.


I hope you enjoy the episode!



1 min - Decision making as a manager


2 min - Richard’s background


3 min - The balance between doing the right thing and people pleasing


5 min - Working with different nationalities and cultures


7 min - Richard’s aspirations and challenges


10 min - The reasons for staying in the company for life


12 min - How challenges change over time


17 min - Brexit consequences for business


22 min - Costs and outsourcing internationally


24 min - Resolving challenges


27 min - Richard’s networking story


31 min - The Advanced Manufacturing Forum


34 min - How networking can benefit managers and businesses

36 min - What keeps the passion going?


41 min - Challenges and building resilience


42 min - The qualities that make a good leader


44 min - Richard’s advice for new managers


45 min - How to bring young people to manufacturing


49 min - Richard’s short-term plans