Riccardo Tonelli: Regional Director, Saica Pack. 'Listening and trusting your staff to empower them'

Riccardo Tonelli is the Regional Director of Saica Pack, a sustainable packaging manufacturer, with over 10,000 employees across the globe.


Riccardo embodies everything you would want from a leader, driven, trusting and empathetic.


We go deep into the world of Manufacturing with discussions around Supply Chain, Sustainability and the important of concentrating on employee engagement 


You will learn a lot from Riccardo’s journey and insight into manufacturing & engineering 




1 min – The meaning of the word ‘leader’

3 min – Riccardo’s background and work experience

13 min – Reflecting on Riccardo’s journey

14 min – A year in the service – building resilience

16 min – Pivoting at a time of crisis

18 min – The challenges of exporting goods 

22 min – A sustainable supply chain

24 min – Transferrable skills for moving into a different industry

27 min – Innovation and change – the first steps

29 min – Employee engagement and culture

34 min – Zero waste policy – the what and the how

37 min – The biggest challenge in manufacturing and engineering in the next five years

38 min – Using apprentices in the company

40 min – The best manager Riccardo has had (and why?)

42 min – Riccardo’s biggest influence outside the business world

44 min - Saica Group: short-term business goals