Oliver Bell: Workplace Wellbeing Specialist 'How to look after your staff's wellbeing'

Today, we have something a little bit different on the Manufacturing Leaders Podcast.


Looking after your employees mental and physical health has never been more important. 


Both from an ethical standpoint and also the fact it has a direct correlation to improved retention and recruitment.


Oliver Bell is a Workplace and Wellbeing Specialist. I was over the moon to get the chance to chat to him.


He is driven to help companies improve sickness and absence , and genuinely make a difference to the community.



In this episode we go deep into the problems particularly men face with poor mental health and increasing male suicide rates. 


Two thirds of suicides are men, the most effected age bracket is 50-54 and the North East has the worst rates in the UK


This simply can’t be ignored.


Ollie takes us through exactly what companies can do TODAY to start making a difference.


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3 min – Recruitment challenges

5 min – Mental health issues – culture change

8 min – Death by suicide (UK stats)

13 min – Social life - impact on men’s mental health

17 min – Why is well-being Oliver’s passion?

20 min – Well-being as part of company culture

25 min – A company’s well-being strategy/benefits could attract the best candidates

27 min – Small business well-being strategy tips