Nigel Freeman - Operations Director at BTS “Allow your team to make decisions”

“Allow your team to make decisions” It’s the second BTS takeover on the Manufacturing Leaders Podcast! This time with Operations Director Nigel Freeman I’ve had a few requests to get him on, and he did not disappoint!! The world needs more leaders like Nigel. Someone, who gives you a platform and opportunity to have a voice and succeed. - Intro - What does it mean to you, to be a leader? - Different types of management styles - The early years – Forces / Getting into business and manufacturing - Thorn Lighting, working his way up - Academic route or on the job learning? - Working abroad and understand different cultures - The importance of process - Allow the team to make decisions - Leaving a legacy - Moving from a blue chip organisation to a SME - BTS and the community / culture they have built - Biggest challenges in Manufacturing - Quick Fire Questions - Guest Question – Russell Richardson #UKMFG #MANUFACTURING