Nicky Gallagher - Head of HR at Zentia - 'The Importance of staff engagement, culture & Vision'

Nicky Gallagher is the Head of HR at Zentia in Gateshead, The UK’s market-leader in complete ceiling solutions.


I couldn’t wait to interview Nicky and she did not disappoint! 



In this episode, we go into her own journey of working her way up at Nestle, and then later moving to the North East to Join Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, before their acquisition to Zentia in 2020.


We get right into employer engagement, working within an acquisition and increasing awareness in manufacturing for minority groups.


This was a really inspirational episode from an inspirational leader and you will take a lot from it

I hope you enjoy


We discuss – 


What does it mean to you, to be a leader?

The early years

Experience gained at Nestle

Moving to the North East – Armstrong World

How do you implement big change in a business and bring staff along with you?

Going through an acquisition – Challenges and managing expectations 

Influencing and adding benefits to staff – employer engagement / recognition 

Branding and promoting the Zentia brand 

Diversity & Inclusion – How do we improve within Manufacturing?

Women and menopause – Increasing awareness 

Has your management style changed over time?

Who was your biggest inspiration in and out of work?

How important is legacy to you within the role?

Challenges over the last 12 months

Guest question from Nigel Freeman