Mark Bracknall, MD of Theo James - The Highs and Lows Of Building a Business

After 12 months and 28 guests it was my turn to get the other side of the desk!

Shaun Campbell was the man to step up to the Mic and interview me on the journey so far...

I was a little nervous, but thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew how important it would be for me to be 100% honest and transparent about running a business, and we get properly into the highs and lows of it. 

I am incredibly proud of what we have built over the last 7 years and this felt like the right time to go through it all.


Thank you Shaun for playing the part so well.


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I really hope you enjoy the episode!


1 min – What does being a leader mean to you?

5 Min – Why did you start the Podcast?

9 Min – The early days – Where you entrepreneurial? 

12 Min – Why did you get into recruitment?

14 Min – Best memories in the early days?

16 Min – Starting the business – What we didn’t think about

22 Min – Did anyone try to stop you starting the business?

26 Min – Managing the stress – How do you do it?

28 Min – What plans did you have for the business in the early days?

30 Min – Proudest moments 

32 Min – Being different, how is that possible in a diluted marketplace?

37 Min – Why are you not living the ‘entrepreneur life?’

40 Min – Have the plans changed?

42 Min – Best moment in the business?

44 Min – Worst moment in the business?

49 Min – Stress and pain, how did you deal with it?

55 Min – Raising money for charity

57 Min – Self evaluation & the importance of a good support network

65 Min – How to manage mental health in the work place 

68 Min – Plans for Theo James & Legacy