Lewis Barnes, Supply Chain Manager, Tekmar Energy. “Young People can be great Leaders”

Wow what an episode this was. Lewis is a 28 year old supply chain manager.

The youngest person I've ever had on the show.

And he was absolutely superb.

An Inspirational leader. someone who has clearly studied management and seen personal development as essential.

I was particularly impressed how he understands the importance of emotional intelligence.

We also went into the depths of procurement and supply chain and the ever changing evolution of manufacturing

Wait until you hear how Lewis signed off the show! Which will definitely inspire every single person listening to it.

Thank you so much, Lewis. You were great to interview!



2 min – The meaning of being a leader

7 min – Development of emotional intelligence

11 min – Lewis’s manufacturing background

18 min – Positive influences/imprints on professional lives

20 min – Young people in managerial roles – Lewis’s story

24 min – Have trends in manufacturing changed in recent years?

25 min – The most important trait of a manager

27 min – Respect from people for a young manager

31 min – The mindset of a manager – how to overcome challenges

36 min – The experience of working in a brand new industry

39 min – Supply chain challenges – the biggest barrier Lewis has overcome

44 min – The biggest challenge in manufacturing in the next five years

48 min – The best manager Lewis has had

50 min – Book and podcast recommendation

52 min – Plans for the company and industry