Kevin Harland, Senior Operations Manager at Intelligent Steel Solutions 'Keeping British Manufacturing In House'

Kevin Harland, is the Senior Operations Manager at Intelligent Steel Solutions in Peterlee.

 He has a brilliant reputation in the industry, having worked for some excellent businesses like Cleveland Bridge and Mechtool. 

This was a such an interesting episode, where we really dig into both management and good old British Manufacturing?

How important is culture in a workplace? How does an experienced manager adapt in different situations, and should they have an open door policy?

Just some of the questions we tackle In today’s episode. 

Kevin is passionate about the industry and we discuss in depth about the challenges it is facing, but what also makes it great.

I hope you enjoy!

We discuss :- 


-       1:15 - What does it mean to you, to be a leader?

-       4:20 - The early years, how he got to where he is today

-       8:50 - Should Managers have an ‘open door’ policy?

-       12:30 - Have challenges changed on management over the years?

-       13:30 - How have previous Managers influenced you over the years?

-       15:20 Adapting to the situation – What type of Manager are you?

-       17:00 – How crucial is culture to an organisation?

-       20:22 – The importance of a work-life balance & mental health

-       23:40 – How has Manufacturing changed over the years?

-       24:00 – Britain should be the biggest powerhouse in Manufacturing!

-       26:35 – How do we improve British Manufacturing?

-       29:30 – We need to improve the awareness within Manufacturing 

-       32:45 – Differences between SME’s and larger organisations 

-       34:40 – Guest Question from Atif Syed  - How do we improve North East Manufacturing? + How will technology change Manufacturing?

-       38:50 – What have you implemented within the business that’s had positive change?

-       41:30 – Plans for Intelligent Steel Solutions