Katie Woodwood -Operations Manager at Corrboard

Katie Woodward is the Head of Operations at Corrboard, an independent producer of corrugated board, based in Scunthorpe.

Katie has worked her way up within the industry, initially starting in the chemistry field as part of her degree, only to progress later within quality and ultimately operations.

We discuss the importance of resilience, how all problems are black and white, and how her battle with cancer has made her the person she is today.

This is a really powerful and informative episode and I am sure you will take so much away.

What we discussed

  • Intro’s
  • What does it mean to be a leader
  • The early days
  • Childhood and influences
  • Cancer recovery and how that changed her mentality
  • Being a reflective manager and having different leadership styles
  • Answering a question with a question! 
  • The journey to Operations
  • Every decision is black and white! Nothing is grey!
  • Dale Carnegie – The power in his book
  • Being a woman in manufacturing
  • Getting awareness of manufacturing
  • Building resilience for the industry
  • What drives you now?
  • Quick fire questions