Jonny Catto, Managing Director, Ipac Packaging Innovations - “Building a sustainable manufacturing plastic business”

Jonny Catto is the Managing Director of Ipac Packaging Solutions, specialists in sustainable packaging, based in Gateshead


Having come from the very different world of corporate finance in London I was fascinated to go through his journey of starting and owning a Manufacturing company in the North East.


Having started out as a small business which consisted of a small family run team, they are now a business of over 60 staff with exciting growth plans.


We discuss in detail the importance of having a USP and the challenges that come with changing the awareness around plastic packaging for the consumer.


This was a great insight into how businesses need to pivot and adapt to the ever changing world we are in.


I really enjoyed this episode and understanding what it takes to take a company to that next level



1 min – What is a leader?


3 min – How change in people affects managers and their leadership


6 min – Johnny’s background and dreams


11 min – The importance of managing and forecasting cash flow


14 min – Family relationships dynamics when managing a business


16 min – How to choose the face of the business


18 min – Sustainability in business


22 min – Media influence on preferred products and sustainability trends


24 min – Recyclability – good plastic vs bad plastic


25 min – How to market sustainable products?


27 min – Are smaller businesses more agile than large ones?


29 min – Creating a different culture as a company grows


30 min – Attracting and retaining employees


35 min – The importance of good communication and relationships with employees


36 min – How helpful are surveys for improvement?


39 min – The biggest surprise in manufacturing for Johnny


43 min – The role of experience in adversity


44 min – How to approach challenges


45 min – Johnny’s motivation now