How to market products for Manufacturing & Engineering - Andi Jarvis

In this week’s episode of the Manufacturing Leaders podcast, we are bringing something a little bit different!

Andi Jarvis is a marketing expert who works closely with businesses in this sector. In this episode, we talk in detail about how you can improve your marketing strategy to maximise revenue.

Why marketing is so important in manufacturing?

  • Using creativity in the boardroom
  • Marketing through a recession
  • Using consumer marketing in B2B
  • Who is Andi Jarvis?
  • The early Years
  • Marketing in manufacturing
  • Sales and marketing working together
  • The importance of social media
  • What moved the needle and brings in revenue?
  • How do we measure ROI?
  • Marketing B2b vs B2C in manufacturing
  • How important is your website?
  • Branding is crucial!
  • How important is the budget
  • First steps to marketing - What to do.
  • Focus on what sells, not on what’s not
  • Creativity in business