Don Murray: MD at Spincraft

If you only listen to one of our manufacturing leader podcasts, then let it be this one!

 Don Murray, is the MD of Spincraft in Newcastle.

He has had an unbelievable career, holding extremely senior roles such as the President of the Board of Directors, for a rolls Royce marine division.

In this episode, you will understand what it takes to transfer your skill set from a global company to an SME, and how to create an environment where people succeed, and more important actually want to succeed.

We Discuss:

  • What does being a leader mean to you?
  • Creating an environment where people succeed
  • Lessons from good managers
  • Learning from other countries and cultures
  • Going from a huge global company to an SME
  • The need to be passionate about what you do and what you produce
  • The first steps into a new role as an MD
  • How manufacturing has changed over the years
  • Challenges of Manufacturing
  • GUEST Q - Going back in time – what would you go back to / would you change?

You will learn so much from this time with Don. Thanks again for coming on the show