Bill Scott OBE- Chief Executive - Wilton Group “The Leader is just a cog in a machine”

Bill Scott Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Wilton Group, in Teesside.


Bill has unbelievable reputation in the Teesside area, for what he has built and also given back to the community, through jobs, apprenticeships and mentoring.

I literally could not wait to interview Bill about his journey and what it takes to build a business like the Wilton Group, who at it’s peak employed over 800 staff.

We talk why and how he started the business and the highs and lows along the way.

Bill’s passion is infectious and you simply can’t not be inspired by listening to him.

From the Oil and Gas crash in 2014, to the importance Aprentices have in your business, this episode has it all.


Thank you so much Bill, this was a real honour.

I hope you enjoy the episode.



We Discuss:


3 min - Bill’s background


12 min - On wearing many hats and how that helps


14 mins - Company vision and development


16 min - Why passion for business matters and what it is for Bill


22 min - The challenges of letting people go


26 min - Pivoting into different sectors


29 min - Company size fluctuations


30 min - Why reflecting is important


32 min - Motivation: What keeps Bill so motivated still?


37 min - Why apprenticeships are the lifeblood of the system


 41 min - How can companies help with apprenticeship + remove the stigma

47 min - The biggest challenge for manufacturing at the moment


48 min - 3 most important traits of a good leader


49 min - Academic or job learning route - which is better?


50 min - On setting business culture


54 min - Plans for the near future of the company