Atif Syed - CEO & Founder of Wootzano - "Robots will give you the luxury of time"

If you are interested in robotics and automation or want to find out more like I did, then this is the episode for you. It really did change the way I see them coming into our lives in a big way.

Atif is a true inspiration, and has built a business in under 5 years that is flying year on year and was even awarded a £300 million contract.

You are going to love this one!

We discuss…

2min – What does it mean to you, to be a leader?

6 min – What makes a good leader – calculated risks

7 min – The early years, the robotics and tech journey

13 min – Business owner or scientist?

15 min – Wootzano – the business

16 Mins – The robots are coming!

20 mins  - “robots will give you the luxury of time”

22 min – Upskilling and adapting to improve the manufacturing market

27 min – Building a business and closing a £300Mil project

31 min – The American dream

33 min – Affordable robots to increase productivity and reduce costs

34 min – Guest Question – Nicky Gallagher

36 min – Motivating and inspiring a team, as a leader

38 min – Self reflection

41 Min – Plans for Wootzano