Adam Childs, Operations Director - Daikin Applied - “Give yourself time to do something where you’re not expected to make a decision”

Today, I interviewed Adam Childs on the Manufacturing Leaders podcast. Adam is the Ops Director at Daikin Applied in Cramlington.

What an episode this is. Adam is a brilliant example of a passionate and driven leader, who empowers his staff.

We go through his journey in detail. From Apprentice Mechanic, to senior management roles within manufacturing.

We talk about the importance lean techniques and continuous improvement has had in his career, and also how crucial it is to manage your own mindset through tough times.

Adam’s personality is infectious and you are going to learn a lot from this one!

·      What does it mean to you to be a leader? (Some slight wifi issues here for 20 seconds only)

·      The Early Years – Moving and working around the UK

·      Transferable management skills

·      The North East – Any cultural differences?

·      Influencing the younger generation into manufacturing 

·      Challenges of a young manager 

·      Should you be a transparent manager with your team?

·      The importance of clearing your head away from work (26)

·      Managing mindsets through Covid

·      Arm around the shoulder, or a kick up the backside?

·      Academic or working your way up?

·      Do you ever lose your trade as a manager?!

·      Who is you biggest inspiration? 

·      Quickfire questions

·      How do we improve Manufacturing?

·      Staff Question

·      Daikin Plans!