Andrew Hewitson - Co-Founder Reproflex3 , ’Importance of a clear vision and DNA in a business’


Tune in to our latest podcast episode featuring Andrew Hewitson, Co-Founder of Reproflex3, as he shares invaluable insights on "The Importance of a Clear Vision and DNA in a Business."


A national award winning business. This was an amazing insight into what it takes to build a brilliant business in manufacturing.


Don't miss out on this power-packed episode where you'll get a rare glimpse into the world of business leadership and vision-building from a seasoned entrepreneur like Andrew Hewitson. Listen now and be inspired to take your business to new heights! 



1 min – The meaning of being a leader

4 min – Leaders’ vision and setting the tone in the business

7 min – Andrew’s story

14 min – About lessons learned

15 min – Business motivation

17 min – Winning awards as recognition of team work

21 min – How to grasp opportunities (the mentality behind it) and build a good team

24 min – Strategies for pursuing business vision

26 min – Working with family members

33 min – Dealing with setbacks in business

38 min – Showing and teaching staff about resilient mentality

41 min – Changes in the industry and challenges deriving from that

43 min – Andrew’s motivation – constant or changing?

45 min – Setting trends in the industry

48 min – Andrew’s inspiration – role model managers, influences

53 min – Qualities of a good leader

54 min – Theory or practice: qualifications vs learning on the job

1 h – Dedication to get a business going