Traditional MBA’s are a waste of time! Steve Pugh

"Manufacturing Leaders Episode with Steve Pugh"


Join us on the Manufacturing Leaders podcast as we delve into a thought-provoking episode featuring Steve Pugh. In this episode, Steve discusses a cost-effective alternative to a traditional MBA, which I've personally taken up myself after this!


In this riveting episode, Steve takes us on a 50-minute rollercoaster of insights:


- 3 min: Uncover the essence of being a true leader.

- 4 min: Explore how humility is reshaping the leadership landscape.

- 8 min: Journey back to Steve's early days and his unwavering ambition to become a leader.

- 12 min: Gain wisdom on decision making, happiness, and unleashing creativity.

- 15 min: Discover Steve's unique perspective on changing jobs to gain invaluable experience.

- 20 min: A showdown between the value of a university education and real-world experience in manufacturing.

- 26 min: Navigate the intricacies of managing somebody else's company versus running your own.

- 32 min: Uncover the evolving challenges and changes in the world of business education.

- 35 min: Dive deep into the workings of business education and how it truly operates.

- 38 min: Explore the driving forces behind people's pursuit of an MBA.

- 42 min: Grasp the biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs in today's world.

- 45 min: Delve into the role of luck in achieving success.

- 48 min: Identify the qualities that define a remarkable leader.

- 49 min: Don't miss Steve's top book recommendation for aspiring leaders.


If you're passionate about leadership, business education, and the entrepreneurial spirit, this episode is a must-listen! Join Steve Pugh and the Manufacturing Leaders podcast for a captivating exploration of what it truly takes to become a successful leader in the world of manufacturing. Subscribe today and be inspired to elevate your leadership game! #ManufacturingLeaders #Leadership #BusinessEducation #MBA #PodcastEpisode #LeadershipQualities