Shirley Spoors - Production Manager at Akzo Nobel

I am delighted to bring this amazing episode to you. Shirley is the Production Manager of AKZO Nobel and one of the key reasons the Ashington site built up the reputation they have, alongside some influential colleagues she mentions as a crucial part of the journey so far.

In this episode, we initially talk about what led Shirley into the role she is in now, before digging deep into the AKZO Nobel world.

You will learn about the importance of a documented process, culture, training, interviewing, hiring and so much more.

This is genuinely an episode where you will not only be inspired. But, take away key bits of information and tips to implement straight away ·

  • What does it mean to you, to be a leader? ·
  • The early years / Jobs/growing up / community
  • Being a woman in Manufacturing – Breaking the stigma around it
  • Alcan – Culture and utilising lean
  • Akzo Nobel – building a site from scratch
  • Documenting processes and procedures to train and scale
  • Northumberland is a hidden gem and manufacturing hub
  • Working with and not against our competitors to create talent and build
  • The importance of continuous improvement
  • Measuring and hiring people against cultural principles
  • The recruitment and hiring process
  • Putting staff retention and progression first -pathways process
  • Ongoing improvement and feedback
  • The Pitman Painters
  • Working with schools and young adults with SEND
  • Previous Guest question