Sarah Murphy - HR Director – Authentix ( staff wellbeing helps improve retention and reduce sickness)

Sarah Murphy is the HR Director of Authetix Security Print Solutions.


We have had the pleasure of working with Sarah for some time and I know how was thought of she is in the industry. So, I couldn’t wait to get her on the Manufacturing Leaders Podcast


Sarah shares invaluable insights on employee engagement, recruitment, retention, and the importance of workplace well-being. 


Discover how Authentix has leveraged well-being to make a tangible difference in their
business, enhancing recruitment, reducing sickness, and fostering a thriving
work environment. 


Sarah's journey through the manufacturing industry in the Northeast is truly inspiring.

 From her experiences with exceptional manufacturers being the ‘first one in’ as a HR professional at Authentix. 

She unveils the challenges and advantages of HR leadership and how it contributes to business growth=


This episode is a must-listen for anyone in manufacturing, especially those in the HR field. You'll gain valuable lessons and actionable takeaways. 


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