Mike Matthews MBE: Every Manufacturing business must have a plan!

Every Manufacturing business must have a plan! 


We had the privilege of chatting with the incredible Mike Mathews MBE in our latest podcast episode. From leadership insights to the power of digital in manufacturing, we covered a wide range of topics.




Mike has had an unbelievable career, and he was one of our target guests when we started the show. We couldn't wait to dig into his career at Nifco and understand what his drivers and motivations are to reach such heights. 


Here's a sneak peek at some of the key moments in our conversation:


 3 min – Exploring the essence of being a leader

6 min – The importance of staying grounded as a leader

 18 min – Mike's journey and the path that led him here

24 min – Building relationships in business and empowering your team

32 min – Nurturing growth through planning

 40 min – Sticking to SOPs and visualizing data for better decision-making

 49 min – The crucial steps for SMEs to embark on their digitalization journey

1h – Strategies for transferring knowledge when a leader retires

 1h 2 min – Cultivating the ability to think big

 1h 4 min – Insights into the best managers Mike has worked with and his major influences

 1h 5 min – Discover Mike's recommended business book

1h 5 min – Challenges faced in the manufacturing industry: The lack of an industrial strategy


Catch the full episode in the comments section below and gain valuable insights for your manufacturing business! Stay tuned.  #Manufacturing #Leadership #Digitalization #BusinessInsights