Mick Howard :CEO Clearly Drinks - Building a positive culture in the workplace

My favourite episode to date!

Mick Howard is the CEO of Clearly Drinks in Sunderland. 

Initially starting his career out in the Forces, Mick has had a successful career within Manufacturing, particularly FMCG.

How do businesses build brilliant cultures?

How we acknowledge and recognise good performance?

How do we support Ex-Forces personnel? 

All questions and topics we cover in this episode.

This one simply can't be missed!!


2 min – The meaning of being a leader

8 min – The opportunities that companies offer today

14 min – On recognising achievements

17 min – Instilling work ethic and culture

19 min – Where to start with building company culture

22 min – What to do with employees that don’t share the same company values

26 min – Mick’s background

31 min – The changes that men and women that served go through

33 min – Mental health culture

37 min – The stigma about ex forces not being able to adapt to new working environment

39 min – A good gesture for the ex forces in Clearly Drinks

41 min – Apprenticeship schemes for new career opportunities 

47 min – The biggest challenges in Mick’s career

51 min – The best manager Mick has had + leaving a good legacy

54 min – Mick on the qualities of a good leader + book recommendation

55 min – How to improve manufacturing

57 min – Clearly Drinks plans