Michael Quin - Head of Cell Manufacturing, FujiFilm 'Working with life saving drugs'

Michael Quin – ‘Working with life saving drugs’


My 3 Personal takeaways from this great episode with Michael Quin, Head of Cell Culture Manufacturing at FujiFilm


-       The Importance of understanding and promoting company goals 

-       How crucial the purpose of a company is

-       The significance of emotional intelligence in business



I recently walked round the incredible office space at Fujifilm and was amazed by their facilities


Michael been in the business for over 20 years and I was fascinated in the both the journey he has had, and the way the business has changed over time.


As they embark on a brand new facility in their Teesside branch, it was a great opportunity to see how they have done so well over the years!



 Timestamps here:-


6 min - Should the company clearly familiarise all staff with its goals, and what’s the best way to do it?


8 min - Valuing staff - recent change


11 min - Emotional intelligence in business


14 min - What challenges were there at the beginning?


15 min - Advice for more experienced managers (things to look out for)


20 min - How concerned should we be about the changing work ethic of the newer generations?


23 min - How to manage mindset when faced with a new role?


26 min - How nerve-racking is management today?


28 min - What are the key things to look at to improve a business?


30 min - What’s the first step to take to tackle any issues?


32 min - The value of feedback


36 min - How can you replicate the successful principles in other industries?


39 min - What 3 things make a good leader?


41 min - What makes a good manager?


42 min - How can we improve manufacturing?


46 min - What’s the most important consideration when introducing major changes?