How to create organic growth in manufacturing: Martin Hindmarch. Ops Leader – Cummins Engines

Episode Title: "Creating Organic Growth in Manufacturing - Insights from Martin Hindmarch"


Join us for an enlightening episode of the Manufacturing Leaders Podcast as we delve deep into the world of leadership with Martin Hindmarch, Operations Leader at Cummins Engines.


This really felt like a privilege and understand exactly why Cummins has the reputation it does!!


In this captivating episode, Martin Hindmarch shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in the manufacturing industry, focusing on strategies for organic growth and leadership. Here's a glimpse of what to expect:




- 2 min: Defining Leadership

- 5 min: The Most Important Quality in a Leader

- 9 min: The Evolving Complexity of Leadership

- 13 min: Essential Feedback for Leaders from Their Teams

- 16 min: Resources for Enhancing Workforce Skills

- 17 min: Innate vs. Acquired Managerial Skills

- 18 min: Martin's Key to Success

- 25 min: Overcoming Career Stagnation

- 27 min: Cost-Effective Strategies for Quick Wins

- 29 min: Embracing Continuous Improvement

- 33 min: Initiating a Culture of Improvement

- 35 min: Optimistic Trends in Manufacturing

- 40 min: Martin's Most Influential Manager

- 50 min: The Enduring Legacy of Effective Management