Eddie Czestochowski - MD at Cell Pack Solutions

Eddie was born in the UK shortly after his parents had arrived here as immigrants In his words, they “started with nothing”

How does someone go from stacking shelves in Morrisons to running a successful manufacturing company for almost 25 years which continues to grow!

In the episode, we chat with Eddie about what it takes to build a business, the differences in manufacturing now vs all those years ago, along with how important it is to take those sink-or-swim opportunities to achieve your goals.

I loved eddies passion for what he does and I’m sure you will too!

 • What does being a leader mean to you?

• The journey - Stacking shelves to owning a business

• Running a business now vs 25 years ago

• How different is manufacturing today that it was 20 years ago?

• Navigating the pandemic

• Taking calculated risks – the entrepreneurial way

• Growth and acquisition

• Why is Manufacturing in the UK great

• Biggest challenge to Manufacturing in the UK

• 3 things that makeup a leader

• Academic route or job earning?

• Previous Guest question