Patrick Cowan: Ops Director, Birtley Group

‘The importance of having high standards in management'

I am over the moon to bring you this episode of the Manufacturing Leaders Podcast, with Patrick Cowan of Birtley Group.


It was a privilege to hear Patrick’s story of being thrust into the management world at such a young age. You will take away real tips and strategies in this episode on exactly how to build efficient teams and manage staff.

I learnt so much from Patrick from this episode; there is so much value here. This is exactly why I started up this podcast in the first place!


We Discuss:


Introductions -


  • What does it mean to you to be a leader?
  • The early years
  • The education route into the industry
  • Managing a large experienced team at 24 years old
  • Standards – ‘Don’t turn a blind eye to things that aren’t acceptable 
  • Management styles – Has it changed over the years?
  • Early inspirations – Son of a miner!
  • Management inspirations
  • Key Steps for the first 12 weeks in a role
  • Using your notice period effectively
  • Can you change a culture?
  • The most challenging aspect of management
  • Managing your own mindset
  • How manufacturing has changed over the years
  • Is the UK Behind the rest of the world in Manufacturing?
  • Succession planning in manufacturing
  • Quickfire questions