Phil Atkinson - BTS Facades & Fabrications

Phil Atkinson embodies everything you would want from a leader. Passionate, driven, and extremely hard-working. He’s worked his way up in the Industry, from an Apprentice to owning his own award-winning business.


This is a fantastic episode for either a business owner or a leader in manufacturing. We talked about the highs and lows of building an organisation, and exactly what hard work it takes to make a business you are proud of. It's so clear how important culture is to Phil and he oozes positivity and drive.

It was an absolute pleasure talking to someone who clearly loves what he does, you are going to really enjoy this one!

We discuss -

  • Building the business
  • His early inspirations and journey
  • Why Sales?
  • Academic Route or ‘on the job?’
  • Hard work pays
  • Covid
  • How they navigated - The Family Business – How they make it work - Lessons on cash flow, budgets, and insurance
  • The importance of culture and developing high-performing teams
  • Becoming a better Leader
  • Challenging aspects of management
  • The Importance of networking
  • What we did to ensure success -
  • Importance of Awards
  • The Art of delegation
  • The future of BTS